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Welcome to FRIESE IMAGES! Photography by Shana Whitford Your Off-Road Motorsports photog! Growing up my hero was “Bigfoot” the Monster Truck, and I wanted desperately to ride bulls! Needless to say I wasn’t afraid to get dirty and I didn’t care about breaking a nail. On a softer note, I also had a passion for art and quite often was accused of “tracing” my drawings. When I was young, I attended an exhibition of Friesian Horses. After developing my weekend’s worth of pictures from the event, I cringed at the sight of failed photos, I had to find out why. This research became extensive as it led from one thing to another… hence the name, Friese Images! I started working for a sports photographer, and then I was recruited by a wedding photographer. Loving the outdoors, my hubby Brian and I ventured many trail rides and off road adventures in the past with names like Jeff Mello and Jason Scherer, which then led to photographing competitions. Doors began to open for me. I have access to the best seat in the house and it’s my personal challenge to bring it to YOU in focus! I crave the chase and dig the chaos! Aside from photography, I currently work part time for sports photographer and am a proud mommy of three, son Owen, daughters Sawyer and Avery. Here… have a little dirt in your eye, on me! Thank you for your interest, Shana E-MAIL ME! Call me aytime at 925-383-9619 "I'm not short, I'm fun size!" A special thanks to Josh Covington. My bud, the man of much intelligence when it comes to these computers, and who has put up with me and my picky requests... my web designer! LINKS:

Bower Motorsports Media: ...We put you in first place! I owe a lot of my success to the woman behind the name.

A Perfect Impression Wedding Photography and More: Simply the best! I have learned so much working with this amazing team!!!! We would love to shoot your wedding... tell them I sent you.

Dale Painter: Web Design, Development, Brand Identity and Print. Thank you Dale for the awesome one of a kind logo! Check out his resume folks!"

Concept Wraps & Graphics: The most amazing designs for any business or personal needs. They do more than just wraps!

Black Feather Farms: A very trusted breeder... if your looking for "sport horse" Friesians, this site is NOT for you.

Difficult Trail: Off-road apperal... check out bestsellers #1 and 2008 W.E. Rock West Event tee!

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TDO: Ever been to "Cantina for the Con?"

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Photography by Shana Whitford. Freelance & Lifestyle photographer dominating the low angles and dedicated to bringing you unparalleled photography performance. All requests & ideas welcomed! Let's shake hands and get started!